outfit: minty fresh

Apr 22, 2014

mint coloured kimono c/o For Elyse
dress Forever 21
necklace Vintage
studded flats Zara
cropped moto jacket Free People

We've had the most beautiful weather lately, and I've been happily wearing spring coats, dresses with no tights and lots of light layers. This beautiful mint kimono is a current fave, I love all the panels of lace worked into it. It's another great find from For Elyse. Seriously, there are so many cute bohemian pieces on their website!

Since we spent Easter weekend back at home with family and my packing skills are lacking when it comes to coordinating outfits (I tend to pack random pieces I love and hope for the best), I was pleasantly surprised when I realized this earthy dress went really well with this pastel kimono. Not something I would have thought to pair together normally, but the colours compliment each other nicely.

Things have been really hectic around here lately, my maternity leave has ended and after a year off at home with Tavi I'm back at work. It took a little adjusting and some trial and error but we've got a routine down pat and I can finally say things are getting back to normal!

outfit: spring things

Apr 12, 2014

khaki cargo jacket Talula (Aritzia)
crystal arrowhead necklace Etsy
sunglasses H&M

Whenever I go to Old Navy I usually head strait to the kids section, I never bother looking at clothes for myself because I always found the clothing to be boxy and ill-fitting. This time on my way to the back of the store a maxi dress display caught my eye. I stopped and looked at a couple of dresses and was pleasantly surprised. They were cute, well made and fit great. Along with some Spring clothes for Tavi, a few things made their way home with me and into my closet!

If you're in Ottawa this weekend be sure to check out the Vintage Show at the Ottawa Convention Centre tomorrow. It's from 10am - 5pm and a word of advice, the earlier you get their the better your odds are for scoring some great pieces. You guy are always asking where I get my rings and jewellery, well this is one of the places I've found some awesome things. Unfortunately I'm out of town this weekend and have to miss the show which feels a bit strange. I don't think I've missed one in 3 years!

If you're going tomorrow, good luck!

outfit: black and white and red all over

Apr 3, 2014

resort romper Free People
fair isle sweater TNA (Aritzia)
red stone and amber rings Forever 21
necklace Byward Market

Yesterday was insanely windy, it was impossible to keep my hair out of my face and I was really glad this was a short romper and not a short dress because if it was I'd be flashing everyone uncontrollably! Despite the wind the weather has been great lately, Spring is definitely around the corner. 

The other day I went out to lunch with my friend and we couldn't believe how beautiful it was; the sun was shining, the snow was melting and it was whole 6 degrees outside! To us it was warm, no winter jackets or hats, but someone from a warmer climate might think we were a bit nuts. We are so desperate for warm weather up here in Canada we'll use any temperature above zero as excuse to remove a few layers!

Another reason I'm glad it's almost time to pack all our winter stuff away is because I AM SO SICK OF WEARING BOOTS. I can't wait to wear flats and sandals, or something with a little heel, anything other than boots.

outfit: black skinny jeans

Mar 29, 2014

leopard print boots Sam Edelman
jeans Zara
striped blouse Club Monaco
crochet sweater Anthropologie
rosary Vintage 
bracelets Forever 21

Having just gotten over a cold it was nice to be outside in warmer spring temperatures, even if it meant dodging massive puddles every few feet. Did a quick Tim Hortons run, for a toasted bagel with jam and as usual I was surprised when I got my order. This time it was layered with Swiss cheese and there was a side of peanut butter to go along with it. So random. I hardly ever get what I order and yet I keep going back!! I really wish there was a small locally owned coffee shop within walking distance, I'd be there every day!

I was feeling pretty lazy today and didn't want to bother with tights so I reached for a pair of jeans, something I rarely do. I was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked with ankle boots (I always thought skinny jeans and ankle boots would make your legs look super short and stumpy but they don't) and plan on wearing this combo again soon.

Sunday Series: a visit to a farm

Mar 23, 2014

This week my Dad was on holidays and he came up to Ottawa for a visit. One of the things we did while he was here was spend an afternoon at the Museum of Agriculture which has an actual, functional farm on it. I'd never been there before and wasn't quite sure what to expect.*
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