Sunday Series/Family Life: We are Canadian #OttawaStrong

Oct 26, 2014

This past week was a dark one in Canadian History. The deaths of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent have reverberated across the country and shocked us all. This is not the country we know. Parliament Hill is a safe place, a tourist destination. Gun violence is something that happens other places, not here. It's not part of Canadian culture to own guns, or even think about them. Yes the police, military and recreational hunters own them but if you asked the average person where you could buy a gun they'd look at you with a blank stare. These murders are difficult to comprehend and have affected us all. 

Family Photos With Iaroslava Petrenko Photography

Oct 20, 2014

A few weeks ago I mentioned we were having family/maternity photos done, and that I'd share them on the blog. We got the photos back and although I knew Iaroslava was an amazing photographer I was completely blown away when I saw the final photos from our shoot. You can't imagine how hard it was to choose just a few pictures for this post!

I first met Iaroslava through work a few years ago, and could tell right away she was laid back and down to earth, a genuinely nice person. Somehow our conversation shifted to photography (I'm pretty sure I had just bought my DSLR and was like help me understand my new camera please!!) and I discovered she was a professional photographer outside of work. I took her business card and after checking out her website I knew I'd better hold onto that card because one day I'd need it. I've had that card in my wallet for over two years and am happy I was finally able to put it to good use.

We had our photos taken at one of the prettiest places in Ottawa, Fletcher Wildlife Garden, a spot filled with beautiful flowers and foliage and plenty of trees to hide behind should you need to do a discrete wardrobe change! I had a few conversations via email with Iaroslava before the photoshoot about the feel and look we were going for and I knew by her replies we were both on the same page. I trusted her judgement and the result is photos that reflect our little family perfectly. 

The fact that Iaroslava got so many photos of Tavi amazes me. Tavi loves being outside and was more interested in collecting rocks and running towards mud puddles rather than standing still with me and Jay. I'm not sure how she managed to get the photos she did, but clearly she is talented and one of the best child photographers in Ottawa! We are so happy with how this family photo session turned out we highly recommend her if you're in the Ottawa area :)

Eco Friendly Flower crown & Tavi's Paper Rosettes (which she kept taking out of her hair)- Shop Bleu Gardens
Nightingale Dress - Free People
Minimal Lace-up Heel - Free People 
Sweater - BCBG
Lace Panel Dress Forever 21

outfit: layered lace dress

Oct 14, 2014

necklace (similar  here, here, here here)
lace kimono Forever 21
leggings TNA (via Aritzia)
lace maxi dress & vegan leather jacket Free People
37 weeks

I hope my fellow Canadians had a great Thanksgiving Weekend! For the long weekend Tavi and I travelled home (Jay had to work) and had two traditional dinners; one with friends on Saturaday and one with family on Sunday. Thankfully no one made me Tofurkey this year, I always appreciate the gesture but I'm not kidding when I say I don't like it. That is one vegetarian food I truly can't stand... the taste is really something else!

We came back to Ottawa early yesterday morning and like last year made the most of the beautiful fall weather by spending it outdoors. Jay had the day off so we headed to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to see the last of the fall flowers and all the colourful leaves. It's one of my favourite places in Ottawa, so calm and peaceful and full of natural beauty.

outfit: muumuu territory

Oct 7, 2014

hat & middle ring Club Monaco
embroidered swing dress ASOS (pretty red one)
tights F21
studded boots Town Shoes 
navy trench coat Anthropologie (last worn here)
36 weeks (almost there!!!)

It's been a busy week over here, my sister flew down from Calgary for a visit and she brought my youngest niece who I hadn't met before along with her. She's almost a year old and after seeing her now, it's hard to believe that she was once a tiny three pound baby (born at 29 weeks) who could barley fit into preemie sized sleepers. We had a lot of fun, and now that they're gone the apartment is just too quiet. I miss them!

In that same week I started a new position at work, in a different department and in a different building which was nerve-wracking. I hope I'm making a good impression! Now I'm working right down town and it's been a bit of a hassle trying to figure out the best way to get to work. Between all the construction on the 417 and the crazy parking rates I've been doing what most people in Ottawa who have to commute to work do, I take the bus. Riding the bus has been ... Interesting. It's not bad, way faster than driving through all the construction (buses here have their own highways and roads, not sure if it's like that in other cities?) but I feel a bit stranded not taking my car to work. I think once the construction is done I'll go back to driving.

Here is a weekend outfit, an over-sized swing dress that would most definitely be a muumuu if it was floor-length. It's loose and unstructured, perfect to wear as a maternity dress. It's billowing shape has  been quite comfortable in this last trimester - which is exactly what I need in these final, uncomfortable days!

outfit: block-print dress

Sep 23, 2014

minimal lace-up heel Free People 
tribal print purse (similar here, here and here) & cardigan (similar) F21 
necklace H&M 
rings & bracelets Modern Primitive, Byward Market, Hilary Druxman 
jacket Aritzia 
(34 weeks pregnant)

A dress that cannot remain unwrinkled, despite being ironed right before each wear, a stack of my favourite bracelets and a combination of tribal prints make up this outfit that somehow works despite all the different patterns in it.

During this pregnancy I've been able to wear most of my regular clothes which wasn't the case last time. It's weird because I've gained the same amount of weight so far (33 pounds... ahhhhhhhh!!!!) but I'm carrying it all differently. Maybe because this baby is in breech? In theory having more wardrobe options should make getting dressed easier, but every morning I stare at my closet blankly when trying to decide what to wear. I find myself reaching for my favourite things over and over and have to make a conscious effort to mix things up. 

On a more positive note, only a few more weeks to go! 

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